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5 Cool Summer Business Ideas

09 May 2018
Summer’s here! With school finally over and trips here and there, you deserve a break. But with much time on your hands, how can you be productive? Here are five summer business ideas to make your vacation fruitful and memorable. Read More

Level up business in 3 easy steps

06 Feb 2018
You already have the store, the customers, and the product, but you feel your business can do more. How can you level up business so you can reach more customers and generate more income? Read More

Top 3 Money Ideas to Earn More in 2018

09 Jan 2018
Looking for money ideas this New Year? You’re at the right place! Keep on reading this post, and hopefully, it will help your financial stability this 2018.

You may be looking to shore up your income for an upcoming project, like a new house or car. Or you may need the added earnings to provide for domestic needs, like bills and other payments. Read More

8 Best New Year Resolutions

03 Jan 2018
It’s the time of year again for new year resolutions. Come January 1, people resolve to be better than they were the past year. However, some people will cynically dismiss our desire for change as temporary. Unfortunately, this is true in most cases, with most behavioral changes lasting only three weeks or so. Read More

5 Tips for Buying Christmas Gifts

13 Dec 2017
Less than two weeks to go ’til Christmas! Have you finished shopping for Christmas gifts for all the inaanaks on your list? Or are you having trouble balancing your budget? Do you have a lot of things you need/want to buy?
This season can be totally stressful for a lot of people. There’s traffic, parties to attend, shopping to be done. And yes, gifts to be bought and wrapped. Read More

5 Ways a Home Business Can Change Your Life

08 Dec 2017
The line at Angel’s home business, a sari-sari store in Quezon City, is quite long. There are construction workers buying cigarettes. Some are mothers buying sardines, corned beef, and detergent. There are children asking for snacks.
“Our store has been in the neighborhood for what, 20 years?” Angel recalls. “It has always been our family’s home business. But POSIBLE.NET helped change our business, and our lives, too.” Read More

Make Christmas shopping easy with POSIBLE.NET

25 Nov 2017
It’s a given that Christmas starts September 1 in the Philippines. With more than half the season done and less than a month to go, have you done your Christmas shopping?
POSIBLE.NET and GCash combine powers to make shopping less of a required chore. You can now cash in your account at the GCash booths at NOEL Bazaar and other Christmas night markets. Even better, you can cash in your GCash wallet via any POSIBLE.NET partner store nationwide. Read More

POSIBLE.NET bills payment makes Asia’s Top 15 list

05 Oct 2017
MANILA – POSIBLE.NET, the Philippines’ upstart bills payment, remittance, and prepaid credits provider, recently achieved another milestone after making the list of Asia’s Top 15 social enterprises.
The country’s trusted digital transactions network was recognized at the DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia, an annual competition to determine the most innovative ideas and enterprises. The grand finale event concluded last October 4 at the National University of Singapore campus. Read More

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