Press START: How to launch a gaming career

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You’ve heard it said many times, especially by your elders: “Walang pera at wala kang mapapala sa kaka-computer mo.” But late in 2016, all that changed when Philippine upstarts TNC Pro Team upset European powerhouse OG in The Internationals 6 (TI6), the world’s leading DoTA2 tournament. Since the miracle of TI6, many youth today have started to consider getting into a gaming career.

And gaming is quite the hot industry today. Considering that TNC earned close to P20million in their breakout season alone, it’s no wonder that everyone wants a slice of the pie. Parang lahat gustong patunayan sa mga nakatatanda, may pera sa pagko-computer!

However, like basketball and boxing, very few actually get to compete in elite tournaments like The Internationals. Yung mga kasali dun eh ibang level talaga ang galing. So paano na lang tayong mga mortal na gustong maging part ng gaming industry? Here’s three ways how you can jumpstart your gaming career.

Write about it

Sabi nila madali na lang daw mag-blog ngayon, and totoo naman. Maraming ways and platforms to choose from so you can express yourself. But serious, credible blogging—the type that gets noticed by the industry—takes practice and persistence.

You can start by reading blog posts about your favorite games. Paano nila kino-convey sa reader ang message nila? Do they simply bash the games they don’t like or highlight the ones na paborito nila? No. As a game blogger or writer, one has to be objective and say na, ah okay itong game na ito or olats ang game na yan based on balanced criteria.

When you start a blog about gaming, analyze the games without bias to see what makes it great or not. Then write about it in a simple way that your readers can understand. If your blog is credible, people will like it and eventually, the industry will notice. Just do the reviews as best as you can, in a way even non-gamers can appreciate.

Sell it

Mahirap maging professional gamer, but you can be the way for a person to be one. Start a computer business and sell the games that are considered e-sports. Akalain mo, StarCraft, that grand old legend most “gamers” nowadays have no idea about, is still a big industry in South Korea. Wag ka lang mag-business na ang nilalaro ng mga customer mo eh yung mabenta at uubos lang ng oras nila.

Another way to be a seller in the industry is to sell PINs—passcodes that allow gamers to purchase premium in-game items. You don’t have to be a computer geek to sell PINs, although syempre, mas ok kung alam mo para saan ang mga ito. You can sell these PINs and earn on the side with the easy-to-use POSIBLE business machine. Click here to know more how you can sell game PINs at home.

Play it

If you really want to be part of the gaming industry hands-on, you can start your career by being a beta tester. Many game publishers value feedback from beta testers. It allows them to get a real-world idea kung gumagana yung game na ginawa nila. In this way, pwede rin makita kung may problem yung game bago ito i-release for public use.

Another alternative is to actually study it. Yes, pwedeng aralin ang paggawa ng games! You can either learn programming, or do the artwork, or even write the game story. Maraming mga courses na pwede kang i-take. You can check these schools or search online for one nearest you. Learning the fundamentals of game development is a long-term way para makagawa ng games na nilalaro at ine-enjoy ng mga tao ngayon.

Launch your gaming career

So ano pang hinihintay mo? Kung gusto mong magkaroon ng gaming career, magsimula ka na ngayon. Hindi aandar ang buhay mo kung naka-pause ka lang diyan. Be a writer, blogger, entrepreneur, seller, game tester, or developer. Take the step and reach for your dreams.


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