Privacy Policy

Our website and social media accounts collect information from you whenever you choose to inquire about our services. This information may include:
– Your full name / legal identity;
– Your valid contact details (phone, mobile, email);
– Your current location (home / business address);
– Your existing business, if any; and,
– The scale of your current business (if any).

For your safety and peace of mind, it is the policy of POS!BLE.NET to:
1. Keep all your information confidential. The information you give us will be used only by POS!BLE.NET through its parent company, Action.Able, Inc. It will never be released to anyone else without your knowledge or consent.
2. Make sure information you provide us is stored in secure locations. We will not allow your information to be leaked or displayed publicly online.
3. Make sure your information is used only for the purposes of POS!BLE.NET. The information you provide us is used by Action.Able Inc. to contact you and furnish you details regarding POS!BLE.NET and its services. It will not be used to give you offers or promotions that are in no way affiliated with POS!BLE.NET.

To learn more about how we use the information you give us, or for any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact our Helpdesk.

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