Start a work from home business in 3 easy steps

It’s the sound you dread every morning. Wish mo lang na sa araw-araw na ginawa ng Diyos, sana hindi nagugulo ang tulog mo ng ingay ng alarm clock! You have to get up, fight through the commute, live through traffic, and just make it to work on time. Wala pa diyan yung deadlines mo everyday. How can one survive if ganito ang routine mo araw-araw, pero kelangan mong kumita? Answer: Work from home!

No, we’re not talking about working at home while you’re supposed to be on sick or paid leave. We’re actually talking about running a business from the comfort and safety of home. Think about it—hawak mo ang oras mo, there’s no traffic, less stress. Best of all, you spend more time with the people who matter to you. Sino pa ba sa atin ngayon ang nakikitang lumalaki ang mga anak nila?

Here, then, are three steps so you can earn and work from home.

Get Capital

First things first: Dapat meron kang pambala sa negosyo mo. Your capital comes in the form of two things: your finances and your passion. Una, siyempre dapat may financial capital ka. The amount will rely on the size of the business you’re planning to start. Most food businesses will require a few thousand pesos, while franchise carts can set you back between 50 to about 200 thousand pesos. To get financial capital, you can save up or apply for a loan.

Second, you also need to know: Gaano mo kagusto yung idea na ikaw ang magpapatakbo ng business? Is the business you’re planning something that interests you? A lot of the products we enjoy today like smartphones, fried chicken, or halo-halo started as simple passion projects. Ibig sabihin, mahal mo talaga yung ginagawa mo para pag dumating yung time na tinatamad ka, mahuhugot mo sa sarili mo na gusto mo yung tinatrabaho mo.

Choose your business

After securing your capital, it’s time to choose a business. What do you like to do? What will sell in your community? Check mo rin kase baka mamaya yung gusto mong business hindi bagay sa lugar ninyo dahil masyadong mahal or hindi kailangan. A good way to get business ideas is to attend an expo or trade show near you.

Service-oriented franchises like laundry, water refilling stations, and bills payment processing are currently the most popular in the country next to food. Ang disadvantage lang sa payment franchise, although hindi nawawalan ng customer, ang mga tao once or twice a month lang magbabayad ng bills.

The POSIBLE Business gives you an advantage because it offers more than just bills payment. You can send money through various remittance channels, sell prepaid load and insurance, tickets, and even do online shopping! Best of all, it’s flexible and easy to manage you actually earn and work from home. You can apply for a POSIBLE Business here.

Apply for your business

After all is said and done, you need to take the big step: go and apply for your business! Huwag mong hayaang maging pangarap lang ang pangarap mong negosyo. Dreams are made into reality by those who are willing to take the risk. Kung mag-fail, learn from your mistakes. Find what works and what doesn’t.

Siyempre, like any business, starting out will never be easy. May mga ups and downs and sometimes lots of downs. Pero magtiyaga ka lang at magsikap. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Attend seminars and conferences to get helpful tips. Never stop learning, never stop trying. Pretty soon, you’re bound to succeed.

We hope nakatulong at nakainspire ito sa inyo. Let work from home be a viable option for you to earn income for your family. In this way, mas ma-balance mo ang priorities mo and you actually maximize your time even more. Go! Aabangan namin ang success story mo.