5 Cool Summer Business Ideas

5 Cool Summer Business Ideas

Summer’s here! With school finally over and trips here and there, you deserve a break. But with much time on your hands, how can you be productive? Easy–start a summer business!

Having a business during the summer actually makes a LOT of sense. For one, most of your target market is in the neighborhood, spending the days at home. This means they’re either too bored to go far or they find trips to the mall inconvenient. For two, it can also mean you have students at home with nothing to do and eager to help. This presents a wonderful opportunity to teach them the value of business and spend quality time with them as well.

Here are five summer business ideas to make your vacation fruitful and memorable.


No summer is complete without halo-halo, a shaved ice dessert with mixed fruits, jellies, and beans, topped with ice cream or flan and slathered in creamy fresh milk. Halo-halo literally means “mixed together” because one has to mix the ingredients in the cup for the dessert to make sense.

homemade halo-halo from summer business
Homemade halo-halo topped with ube ice cream and leche flan. File photo

From fastfood restaurants to roadside stalls, there’s always someone selling this well-loved treat guaranteed to help beat the summer heat. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because most of the ingredients can be easily bought from the supermarket or made at home. Low overhead costs make for good profit margins, starting at P20.00 per cup for the regular halo-halo to more than P100.00 for the really special ones. It can take only half a day to break-even especially if it’s very hot. No wonder halo-halo is the most popular summer business at home.

The secret to great halo-halo isn’t in the ingredients but in the ice AND the milk. Freshly shaved ice is preferred, not just because it makes mixing easy, but it causes the ingredients to blend well. Halo-halo isn’t enjoyable if what you have is a thick, hardened snowball in your cup. Similarly, fresh, creamy milk adds a layer of taste that complements the other ingredients. Too thin a milk mixture will result in the halo-halo tasting flat, so be sure to invest in good quality milk for your business.

Iced candy and iced buko popsicles

Gone are the days when there was a house selling iced candy on almost every corner. With ice cream readily available in the neighborhood convenience store, it seems iced candy and iced buko (coconut) popsicles are becoming rare even at the onset of summer. Which is quite a shame, because these luscious iced desserts are quite a treat! However, this provides you an excellent summer business opportunity to offer something “new” and different.

iced buko popsicle
Iced buko with red mung bean popsicle. Photo courtesy of Junblog (www.junbelen.com)

Iced candy and iced buko popsicles are made in almost the same way. Fruits such as mango or avocado are shredded or cut into chunks and mixed with milk. For iced buko, one uses strips of coconut meat; usually, red mung beans are added for taste and texture. The mixture is then poured into small plastic bags or popsicle molds and frozen overnight. The harder the popsicle, the better. Selling price ranges from P8.00 to around P15.00, depending on the size of the popsicle and the ingredients used. For the complete recipe for homemade iced buko, you can check it here.

Beverage coolers

Add a dash of pizzazz to your ordinary powdered fruit juice to make it more exciting! The recent tax adjustment may have made the reliable powdered juice a bit impractical, but here’s an easy way to earn from it, sugar tax notwithstanding.

Make ordinary juice drinks interesting with a shot of Sprite. Photo courtesy of Freepik

Take a one-liter pack of powdered juice (costs around P20.00) and mix with water. Add a shot of Sprite and voila! Instant carbonated beverage perfect for a hot day. For an even refreshing drink, add ice cubes and a sprig of mint. At P7.00 or P8.00 per cup you can earn as much as P20.00 per one-liter pack of powdered juice.


Why not offer something for your customers to chow down together with their drinks? You can’t go wrong with steamed siomai, those luscious pork dumplings dipped in soy sauce and garlic chili paste. Siomai provides a welcome energy boost because it is made up mostly of meat. This can be helpful especially for those playing in–or simply watching–the barangay basketball leagues.

Steamed siomai. Photo courtesy of Freeimages.com

If you’re doing business at home, there’s no need to invest in a glass case steamer. An electric rice cooker with steam tray will do. Siomai is readily available in the supermarket in packs, or you can choose to source these from restaurant commissaries that sell wholesale. The taste of siomai relies mainly on the meat dumpling itself, but soy sauce plus a dash of calamansi (Philippine lemon) helps enhance it. Chili garlic paste is optional. Selling price may range between P20.00 to P35.00, depending on the size, taste, and quality of the siomai.

Fried snacks

Another summer business idea is fried snacks, such as french fries, turon (fried banana roll), bananacue (fried banana on stick), cheese sticks, and fish or squid balls. As there are so many possibilities, choose the ones that fit in your budget. It doesn’t make sense to break the bank for a business that’s supposed to give you extra income. Pair these together with a cool beverage to make your store a customer magnet.

Fried snacks and balls make for easy-to-sell snacks. Photo courtesy of Freeimages.com

Some of these fried snacks may require additional preparation, such as turon and bananacue. Others are readily available in the supermarket and can be prepared conveniently. Whatever your preference, choose a fried snack that you can work with easily and will require less manpower so you don’t end up stressed.

Some summer business tips!

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind as you start earning this summer. First off is location. Where will you do business? Do you have an existing store where you can sell these as an add-on? Or will this be purely a home business? Whatever your location, make sure your business area is easily accessible and well-ventilated. Keep in mind you are giving a reason for your neighbors to choose you instead of going to the mall or someplace else.

Interestingly, among Filipinos, when a halo-halo business starts on one street, another sprouts within the area in less than a week! Given this competitive nature, scout your area to see who is selling which, and find out how your business can be different. Why not get your customers to pay their bills or send money or buy tickets while waiting for their snacks or beverage? You can learn more how POSIBLE.NET can level up your summer business here.

Lastly, don’t forget to make your summer business experience a memorable one. Enjoy the moments with your kids and take time to teach them the value of work. Who knows, you might inspire them to do something incredible. Have a productive summer!

Level up business in 3 easy steps

Level up business in 3 easy steps

You already have the store, the customers, and the product, but you feel your business can do more. How can you level up business so you can reach more customers and generate more income?

Entrepreneurs managing micro, small, and medium enterprises or MSMEs were recently given helpful tips to level up their business. At the POSIBLE.NET launch event held at Holiday Inn & Suites in Makati City last January 24, industry experts shared advice for Filipino MSMEs.

According to Undersecretary Zenaida Maglaya of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), MSMEs are the key to making progress in the country possible. Thus, she notes that these businesses need to be strong and resilient in the marketplace. “With many growing industries today, it’s important that MSMEs establish themselves,” Ms. Maglaya said.

Here are three easy steps for MSMEs to level up business and grow their value significantly:

1. Find a need and meet it

“For your business to grow and be unique, you have to find a need and meet it,” Ms. Maglaya explained. Fresh products and gimmicks can boost a store’s presence in an area, but the novelty or newness can wear off easily. Thus USec. Maglaya believes it is better in the long run to find needs in the community that your product can address.

Ka-POSIBLE Channel Partners Mary-Ann and Auxillario Sios-e. (c)POSIBLE.NET

“We looked around and we saw how difficult it was for our neighbors to pay their bills,” Mary Ann Sios-e, a Ka-POSIBLE Partner Retailer, said. Together with her husband, they decided to start a POSIBLE.NET business in their village. From there, the business has grown and the Sios-e couple are now Channel Partners distributing POSIBLE Business Packages to MSMEs in their district.

2. Get a loan

To level up business, one may need extra capital to fund improvements to your store or product. For this purpose, it may be helpful to secure a loan from your trusted bank.

“Loans are important for a growing economy,” Jenny Romero of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) said. Bank loans can provide MSMEs with much-needed capital to diversify their products or improve their product line further. “Banks are more than willing to assist Filipino entrepreneurs so they can grow their business more,” Ms. Romero added.

A blogger asks questions to the panel during the recent POSIBLE.NET media launch event. L-R: DTI Undersecretary Zenaida Maglaya, Jenny Romero of BSP Inclusive Finance Advocacy Office, Ka-POSIBLE Channel Partner Mary Ann Sios-e, Retail Partner Michelle Malaguit, CEO JG Puzon, and Senior Supervisor for Operations & Support Gerwin Lim. (c)POSIBLE.NET

3. Go digital

With the increasing digitization of industries, MSMEs may find themselves lagging behind. Especially vulnerable are those businesses that rely on hand-made traditions passed on from generation to generation. To level up business, entrepreneurs must find ways to adapt to a digital economy.

Ms. Romero noted that the BSP is increasing its efforts to digitize the Philippine financial system. As such, cashless payments and digital transactions are fast becoming the norm. “This is where products like POSIBLE.NET come in,” she said.

With its user-friendly device and easy set-up, POSIBLE.NET can transform any typical store into a digital payment hub in the community. Bills payment, money remittance, prepaid load and PINs, and even bus tickets can be bought in just one location. “With POSIBLE, nobody gets left behind as the country leapfrogs into the digital age,” POSIBLE.NET CEO JG Puzon said.

Closeup of a POSIBLE Retail Device with its user-friendly interface. (c)POSIBLE.NET

The digital challenge

Despite these helpful tips, entrepreneurs may be hesitant to embrace the idea of change. What then can help MSMEs level up business and be competitive in an increasingly digital economy?

“What will convince MSMEs to go digital is stories from people who use and benefit from platforms like POSIBLE.NET,” Ms. Maglaya said. If you wish to hear more stories about breakthroughs for MSMEs, you can check out these DTI events. You can also send a message to learn how POSIBLE.NET can help level up your business or start a home-based venture.

Top 3 Money Ideas to Earn More in 2018

Top 3 Money Ideas to Earn More in 2018

Looking for money ideas this New Year? You’re at the right place! Keep on reading this post, and hopefully, it will help your financial stability this 2018.

You may be looking to shore up your income for an upcoming project, like a new house or car. Or you may need the added earnings to provide for domestic needs, like bills and other payments. Hopefully you’re not reading this because you’ve already used up your year-end bonus! Nevertheless, if you feel like you need an additional income stream, here are our top money ideas for the year:

1. Save up

It sounds so simple, but saving up is probably the best way to create extra income when needed. Too often, opening a savings account is overlooked in favor of other income streams. But the best way to have money you can use especially for emergencies is by saving a significant portion of your salary.

Image courtesy of Freepik

Saving up allows you to set aside money for purchases without affecting your grocery list. However, it is also a good idea to lessen your spending and save more. This is especially helpful if you’re planning a big purchase like a new car or house, or getting married. There are ways to save up your income, but a good starting figure would be 20 percent of your monthly salary.

2. Spend wisely

If you want more income, then you need to spend less. Evaluate your spending in the past year. Did you buy less than 10 frappucinos a month? Were you able to take less than two weekend vacations? Did you buy a new watch in more than six months’ time? Is there still anything left of your year-end bonus at this point?

Image courtesy of Freepik

If you answered “no” to any or all of these questions, you will need to spend more wisely. Limiting spending to necessities and few luxuries helps you maximize your income better. Any tips or money ideas won’t matter if you spend excessively. It would be like filling up a container full of holes! List down what you need and create a budget for it. Cut down on the extras, like hangouts, joyrides, and accessories to “plug the leaks.” Save up the excess, which you can use for other more essential purchases.

3. Start a business

If you’ve saved up enough, it’s a good idea to create an additional income stream. Passive income comes from investments that earn on their own–that is, you don’t have to do much–like if you rent property to a tenant. Active income requires that you manage your investment on a regular basis, such as a business.

There are a lot of options you can look into if you want to start a business, from homemade items to food kiosks to full service franchises. It’s best that you do your homework, like how much capital do you have, and how needed is your product or service in the location, before you start your venture.

A good way to increase your income would be to start a POSIBLE Business in your area. You can process bill payments, send remittances, or sell load credits or bus tickets to the people in the neighborhood so they won’t have to go far. A POSIBLE Business can be added to an existing store to drive up traffic, or you can operate it at home. You can learn more about starting a POSIBLE Business here.

Start today!

Look at these three money ideas and evaluate your own financial standing. Do you need to start saving? Or is there a need to cut down on your expenses? Are you willing to take the risk and start a new venture? If you’re ready to undergo change this year and strengthen your finances, then by all means start today! We wish you the best in your endeavors for this new year.

8 Best New Year Resolutions

8 Best New Year Resolutions

It’s the time of year again for new year resolutions. Come January 1, people resolve to be better than they were the past year. However, some people will cynically dismiss our desire for change as temporary. Unfortunately, this is true in most cases, with most behavioral changes lasting only three weeks or so.

The key to making long-lasting lifestyle changes is motivation. What makes you want to improve? Why do you want to go through the inconvenience to (hopefully) make yourself better? Ask yourself these questions before you set your resolutions in stone.

It will also help if you keep your goals simple and achievable. It’s true that it’s good to aim high for the stars. But oftentimes, it’s better to chop up lofty aims into doable, bite-sized goals. In this way, you won’t be overwhelmed with trying to achieve your New Year resolutions. You can also monitor your progress.

Here are eight new year resolutions you can do for a better you this 2018! Remember, as Master Yoda said, “There is no try, there is only do.”

1. Live a healthy lifestyle

It’s always a good thing to improve to a better, healthier you. Your lifestyle choices now can impact your health later, wiping out whatever gains you have at present. So strive for healthier meals and routines. Eat the right food in proper amounts, and get enough sleep and exercise. You’ll also enjoy life better if you’re less sick or feeling heavy.

Image courtesy of Freepik

2. Improve relationships

Let bygones be bygones, so they say. Don’t get weighed down by excess baggage from failed or broken relationships from the past year. January provides the best time to start over. So build relationships with the people around you. They may even be the key to challenges you may face this year.

Image courtesy of Freepik

3. Manage time wisely

Be more efficient this year. Balance time for work, family, and personal interests. Managing your time gives you opportunities to build relationships as well as living healthier. If you find yourself spending too much time on your phone or gadget, now is the best time to spend more time on things that really matter. Gadgets, when broken, can be repaired, but friendships take time to heal and grow.

Image courtesy of Freepik

4. Learn something new

Why not make 2018 more productive? Be your best self this year. Learn a new hobby, learn to dance. Read (and finish) a book. Take up calligraphy. Or how about starting with learning to clean your room, or wash the dishes? You will not only empower yourself by learning a new skill or with new knowledge. You can even make the people around you happier.

Image courtesy of Freepik

5. Start a business

You can’t go wrong starting a business, no matter how small, as one of your new year resolutions. Create trinkets or snacks you can sell for extra income. Or earn more by driving more traffic to your existing shop with a POSIBLE.NET business. Make sure to do your research so your business idea doesn’t flame out before the year ends.

6. Save up

If you’re living from payday to payday in 2017, now is the time to change this habit. You can either change your spending habits, or save up. Interestingly, a good number of Filipinos do not even have a savings account! Open up an account or talk to your bank to learn about passive income from savings and investment portfolios.

Image courtesy of Freepik

7. Share a skill

Make 2018 even more meaningful by sharing or teaching a skill to the people around you. What are you good at? (Sleeping or eating don’t count!) Teaching allows you to somewhat multiply yourself. By sharing your skills and knowledge, you are leaving a part of yourself in the community around you. That’s the best legacy you can ever do.

8. Support a cause

New Year resolutions make even more sense if you adopt an outward view in life. Instead of stocking up on wealth only for yourself, why not share it with the people around you? Support a cause, help a sick person, visit people who need encouragement and assistance. Remember, the planets do not revolve around you. Help someone in need and you will see how fulfilling your year–and life–can be.

5 Tips for Buying Christmas Gifts

5 Tips for Buying Christmas Gifts

Less than two weeks to go ’til Christmas! Have you finished shopping for Christmas gifts for all the inaanaks on your list? Or are you having trouble balancing your budget? Do you have a lot of things you need/want to buy?

This season can be totally stressful for a lot of people. There’s traffic, parties to attend, shopping to be done. And yes, gifts to be bought and wrapped.

Why do we have Christmas gifts in the first place? Let’s find out.

The first Kris Kringle

Remember that Nativity scene at home or at your office lobby? Many Christians recognize the visit of the Wise Men or Magi (more popularly–although incorrectly–referred to as the Three Kings) as the origin of gift-giving on Christmas Day.

Based on Biblical accounts, the Wise Men came to visit Jesus bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These gifts were expensive and were considered fit only for a king at the time. The act was therefore symbolic of the Magi recognizing the baby Jesus’ royal lineage.

The commercial roots of giving and exchanging Christmas gifts can be traced to the legend of Sinterklaas, or Saint Nicholas. The Dutch patron saint was well-known for giving gifts to children and other acts of generosity. Towards the end of the 18th century, Dutch immigrants in the US began to celebrate the anniversary of Sinterklaas’ death. Christmas shopping also started to become popular during this time. Finally in 1881, the famous cartoonist Thomas Nast drew the image of Santa Claus that we know now. This trend of events helped make Christmas gifts a tradition until today.

Bazaars are excellent places to shop for Christmas gifts

How to buy Christmas gifts

Here are five time-tested tips to help you buy Christmas gifts not just for the people you need/want to give to. You can actually use these tips when buying stuff even for yourself:

1. Create a list. It seems so simple, but many of us take this task for granted. Thinking what to buy on the fly takes up a lot of brain power, creating a sort of “tunnel vision.” This can cause our brains to block out other details that are equally important. So, list down what you need to help you focus and make sure you don’t forget to buy that something for someone.

2. Stick to your list. This is especially important if you’re on a tight budget. Creating a list helps you maximize whatever budget you have; stick to it to make sure you don’t end up broke after Christmas.

3. Be creative. Try to put yourself in your recipient’s shoes: How will he or she enjoy your gift? Give something they will definitely appreciate. In cases where a generic, unisex gift is needed, give something you yourself will like. Don’t give just for the sake of it.

4. Plan. Make shopping for Christmas gifts less stressful. Plan your schedules and routes. You can also opt to go cashless (via GCash or PayMaya) or choose deferred payments (like for Aeon or Home Credit). These are all payable via POSIBLE.NET so you don’t need to go far and save travel time as well.

5. Enjoy! Give with a cheerful heart and a smile. Let your recipient feel that you appreciate them. The point of Christmas gifts, after all, is not because we deserve them. Give with love, without demanding anything in return. This is the secret to enjoy the season.

5 Ways a Home Business Can Change Your Life

5 Ways a Home Business Can Change Your Life

The line at Angel’s home business, a sari-sari store in Quezon City, is quite long. There are construction workers buying cigarettes. Some are mothers buying sardines, corned beef, and detergent. There are children asking for snacks.

Most of them, however, are paying their water or electric bills. Some of the workers are sending money to their loved ones in the provinces. There are also requests for prepaid credits, or game PINs for the nearby computer shop. Angel looks at the storekeepers and smiles. Business is good today.

“Our store has been in the neighborhood for what, 20 years?” Angel recalls. “It has always been our family’s home business. But POSIBLE.NET helped change our business, and our lives, too.”

Aside from the usual commodities, Angel’s store now offers bills payment, money remittance, prepaid credits, and more. People in the neighborhood flock to the store to do digital transactions. They would rather do business with Angel than go to the nearest payment center, about half an hour away. “They find it’s more convenient,” Angel explains, and the customers at the store agree. “We don’t even have to look presentable,” one customer volunteers, and everyone laughs.

Breakthrough stories

Angel’s story is just one of the many personal breakthroughs made possible through the Grameen® Foundation. Throughout the world, Grameen® is helping women achieve #HerBreakthrough–personal triumphs over hunger, poverty, and illiteracy. POSIBLE.NET is one of the Foundation’s partners in the Philippines, helping women have their own home business.

For many women across Asia, having their own business helps them assert their strength and independence. In short, it helps them be treated as equal to men in many societies. This allows women to experience more opportunities than their status allows them to.

Gerlie, Ka-POSIBLE Partner from Cavite

How a POSIBLE.NET home business changes lives

1. More time with people you value most. With her increased earnings, Angel no longer sees the need to get a full-time job. “I work right here in the store. I don’t have to work far and I can now spend more time with my son.”

2. Less stress. With traffic in many Philippine cities nearing epic levels, Angel notes how convenient a home business like POSIBLE.NET can be. “It saves people a lot of time,” Angel says. Many people in her neighborhood choose to pay their bills at her store instead of the payment center. “It’s only half an hour away, but you can do so much with 30 minutes. That’s why they choose to pay through our store,” Angel adds.

3. More possibilities for fulfilled dreams. Gerlie of Cavite added her POSIBLE.NET business to her bakery. The income from selling prepaid credits and processing remittances helps fund her niece’s education. “We have a lot of customers paying bills or sending money. The earnings are my niece’s allowance. It helps her go to school,” Gerlie proudly explains.

4. Unleash creativity. Gerlie’s passion is creating custom cakes. “When people pay their bills here, they find that I do custom cake designs,” Gerlie says. In this way, she gets more customers and orders–and more opportunities for her creative side. “It’s what I really love doing,” she adds.

5. More connections to the community. Both Angel and Gerlie agree that their digital transactions business has allowed them to meet more people. “Before you know it, there are more customers,” Gerlie says. But there’s more, says Angel: “My home business has become a destination for my community. People come to my store simply to connect.”

Follow the Grameen® Foundation on Twitter. To learn more stories and support more breakthroughs for women, visit here .

Make Christmas shopping easy with POSIBLE.NET

Make Christmas shopping easy with POSIBLE.NET

It’s a given that Christmas starts September 1 in the Philippines. With more than half the season done and less than a month to go, have you done your Christmas shopping?

Beat the last-minute panic and do your hassle-free shopping at the NOEL Bazaar. The yearly Christmas tiangge of stars features a galaxy of items perfect for gift-giving. The best thing about this annual event is proceeds go to a good cause, namely the GMA Kapuso Foundation.

However, there’s a way to make Christmas shopping easier: go cashless!

POSIBLE.NET and GCash combine powers to make shopping less of a required chore. You can now cash in your account at the GCash booths at NOEL Bazaar and other Christmas night markets. Even better, you can cash in your GCash wallet via any POSIBLE.NET partner store nationwide.

Earn rebates when you buy items and products from participating merchants. You can even earn your cash back when you use GCash for your purchases.

For hassle-free, cashless Christmas shopping, visit the GCash booths at the participating bazaars and night markets below. To learn more about GCash via POSIBLE.NET, send an inquiry here.

Participating Bazaars and Markets

NOEL Bazaar
November 24-30
World Trade Center, Pasay City
Weekdays 12nn-10pm
Weekends 10am-9pm

November 30 – December 3
Filinvest Tent Alabang

December 14-17
SMX Convention Center

Karl Edwards Bazaar
December 1-3, 8-10, 15-23
G/F Three Parkade BGC

POSIBLE.NET bills payment makes Asia’s Top 15 list

POSIBLE.NET bills payment makes Asia’s Top 15 list

MANILA – POSIBLE.NET, the Philippines’ upstart bills payment, remittance, and prepaid credits provider, recently achieved another milestone after making the list of Asia’s Top 15 social enterprises.

The country’s trusted digital transactions network was recognized at the DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia, an annual competition to determine the most innovative ideas and enterprises. The grand finale event concluded last October 4 at the National University of Singapore campus.

“It’s a great experience to be here (at SVCA),” JG Puzon, CEO of POSIBLE.NET, said. “More importantly, it’s a privilege to be selected among the best social enterprises in Asia,” he added.

Mr. Puzon also said that the SVCA is “a helpful venue for POSIBLE.NET to make its presence and potential known.”

POSIBLE.NET was selected to be part of the Top 15 from more than 1,000 entries from 69 countries across the region. They were the lone entry representing the Philippines in the Enterprise Category.

Social Venture Challenge Asia is an initiative of the DBS Foundation and NUS Enterprise, the entrepreneurial arm of National University of Singapore. The annual contest supports innovative ideas that have the potential to impact lives and are sustainable. A full list of this year’s winners can be seen here.

POSIBLE.NET receives recognition as one of the best social enterprises in Asia for 2017. From left: Pang Yee Beng, Senior Vice President, APJ (excluding Greater China) Compute & Networking Sales, Dell EMC and Managing Director, Malaysia, Dell EMC; JG Puzon, Chief Executive Officer of POSIBLE.NET; and Jerwin Lavilles, Chief of Products and Markets, POSIBLE.NET. Photo courtesy of DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia

Making financial inclusion possible

With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive platform, POSIBLE.NET brings digital transactions such as bills payment, money remittance, and prepaid credits closer to communities. This is helpful especially in areas where banking and payment centers are minimal or non-existent.

Up to 37 percent of towns and cities in the Philippines do not have access to banks or payment centers according to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). Mr. Puzon believes POSIBLE.NET plays an important role in attaining financial inclusion in the Philippines by making digital transactions more accessible to these areas.

Interestingly, this deficit provides an earning opportunity for entrepreneurs. With its low entry cost and easy set-up, POSIBLE.NET can turn any location into a bills payment, money remittance, and prepaid credits loading station. To purchase a POSIBLE.NET business, visit here.

POS!BLE.NET makes SVC Asia Top 15

POS!BLE.NET makes SVC Asia Top 15

MANILA – The Philippines’ fastest-growing e-commerce network made history recently by becoming one of only two finalists from the country to qualify past the penultimate stage of DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia 2017.

POS!BLE.NET was revealed last August 14 to be one of 15 finalists in the Enterprise category, while Coco Asenso, an innovative approach to the coconut industry, is the other Philippine entry that managed to crack the Idea category’s 10 hopefuls.

The 2017 edition of SVC Asia features two categories–Idea and Enterprise–to differentiate between start-ups and established social ventures. Up to two winners from the Idea category and six winners from the Enterprise category will receive cash prizes totaling to more than SGD150,000. Winners will also receive up to six months of post-competition assistance in the form of mentors and relevant incubation support.

The top 25 finalists–including POS!BLE.NET–bested more than 1,000 entries coming from 27 countries across the Asian region. Online voting for the Idea category finalists is currently ongoing, while voting for POS!BLE.NET and other Enterprise finalists will start on September 4. The two most popular Idea entries join the 15 Enterprise finalists in Singapore for the Awards Finale, with the top online vote-getters receiving a special prize.

The DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia is an Asia-wide annual competition for social entrepreneurs organized by NUS Enterprise and DBS Foundation. The competition aims to identify and support ideas and social ventures that are scalable, sustainable, and having potential to create positive social impact especially in underserved communities.

POSIBLE.NET joins Stores Asia Expo 2017

POSIBLE.NET joins Stores Asia Expo 2017

MANILA – Bills payment, small-scale money remittance, inventory management–these were some of the features POS!BLE.NET had on display for the entrepreneurs and retailers visiting the Stores Asia Expo 2017 last August 10-11 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

This is the first time POS!BLE.NET joined the annual event which is aimed towards retailers looking to level up their existing businesses. Tools on display include point-of-sale terminals, external and internal signage ideas, and business software and hardware.

“We recognize the role of the business community in nation-building,” Davao City Mayor Ms. Sara Duterte, guest of honor, said. She also pointed out that start-ups like POS!BLE.NET are important innovations that help jump-start the growth of the Philippine economy.

POS!BLE.NET offered more than just tools to level up existing businesses, but also the opportunity for some visitors to have a home-based venture. Aside from bills payment, money remittance, and inventory management, POS!BLE.NET also offers bus ticketing, online game PINs, and prepaid digital credits that can be sold even as a home business.

POS!BLE.NET will be joining more expos and caravans across the country to bring its unique brand of financial services and digital commodities to more communities in the Philippines.

Start your POS!BLE Business today.